An Avid Stargazer’s Dream

I dream to one day make it to space, turn back and gaze at the beautiful blue planet that we are so hell bent on destroying before my dream comes true. Yes, I am a space nerd and I love being one. The infinite possibilities that space brings is what hooked me at first. Many things are already known to scientists back on earth. They know a lot on biology, they know physics as it occurs on earth, chemistry and even global warming. But the knowledge of outer space isn’t yet complete and in my opinion it never will be. Space truly is the last great frontier for human civilization.

Colonization, Not So Much But Updates Definitely

I know I probably sound like a lost puppy with space and its countless possibilities but I wish to make one thing clear. My blog isn’t a place for dreams and sci-fi. It is a recount of what is happening today or what has happened.

Sure, I love the Star Trek and Star Wars universe, the dream of colonizing Mars or some distant planet in the far future but, until scientists get us closer to these dreams I am not going crazy over them. What you will find on my website though is a lot of clarity on topics that matter. Space missions, the progress report for the International Space Station, new technologies used in space exploration and the likes.

Who Am I?

Occasionally I do dabble in a little gossip but not often. I work at One Sure Insurance in their Motor Trade team, selling motor traders insurance policies by day. By night, I’m a star gazer and blogger.

Here, take a look at what you can read up on

Monitor the Monitor

Time to Monitor the Monitor

So, you have bought a nice desktop computer that doubles as your work PC. It has all the latest bells and whistles such as video cards, processors and so on and so forth. However, there is just one thing missing. And you soon realize you ...
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Super Quick Expanding Universe

Yes, the big bang happened, now we know. And so is the universe expanding at a rate that grows quicker every passing millisecond. These are truths now rather than postulations. However, the exact speed of expansion or acceleration of the universe isn’t clear yet. For ...
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New Show On PBS Let’s You Navigate The Solar System

PBS is ready to launch a television show focusing solely on the solar system and documenting various real time events as they happen. The first episode is scheduled to kick off by covering the Solar Eclipse that will happen on August 21, 2017 right after ...
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Climate Engineering Might Play Spoilsport For Stargazers

Efforts to battle global warming and climate change may make things more difficult for sky watchers and astronomers. According to a new study, spraying of particles into the air so as to reflect sunlight and hence help reduce the temperature of earth might reduce light ...
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tim peake second stroll in space

Tim Peake To Return For Second Mission To Space

Tim Peake just made an announcement that he will be returning to space on his second mission shortly. This news came out just recently during the revealing of the spacecraft that ferried a crew captained by Peake to the ISS at the London Science Museum ...
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