New Show On PBS Let’s You Navigate The Solar System

PBS is ready to launch a television show focusing solely on the solar system and documenting various real time events as they happen. The first episode is scheduled to kick off by covering the Solar Eclipse that will happen on August 21, 2017 right after it happens. Titled “Solar Eclipse”, this episode will be an interesting take on the solar eclipse as it happens.

NOVA will not just cover the event but also follow around a team that works on solar storm detection and solar science during the event. Through CGI animation they will reveal several secrets of the sun and provide impressive imagery of the eclipse too. Then in November, they will switch all attention to the US astronaut, Scott Kelly who spent an entire year out in space from 2014 till 2015. This episode titled, “Beyond a Year” will look at Kelly’s final days out in space and her ultimate return to Earth. It will also show a little on the modern day astronauts at NASA and how they aim at achieving low Earth orbit through the Orion program.

The program will also shadow Scott and his identical twin brother who also happens to be an astronaut as they get ready to participate in NASA testing of twins. These twin tests are aimed at figuring out exactly the changes that 12 months does to a human being in space.

Later in the year, PBS has scheduled a release of a two-hour long documentary by the name, “The Farthest”, which will speak on the Voyager mission spacecrafts. From earth to interstellar space in 40 years, that monumental journey happened for the first time in human history and it is the documentary’s objective to bring this to a world audience.

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