Tools You Should Be Using To Track Your Business Reviews

How closely do you pay attention to your reviews? More importantly, how closely do your customers pay attention to your reviews?

If you’ve ever done any online shopping or research (who hasn’t?), you know how important reviews are to you when you’re making a buying decision. Your customers are no different.

Product review tracking is a key part of running your business. If you’re ignoring your reviews, you’re missing out on better serving your customers.

Let’s take a look at how to handle your reviews, and how it can help your business grow.

1. Always Give a Detailed Response to Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are inevitable. They’re no fun, but they’re part of doing business. How do you handle negative reviews when they happen? Do you ignore them? Do you delete them?

Instead, engage with negative reviewers and see what you can do to improve their experience. Not only might you earn their business back, but others will read your engagement and realize how much you value your customers.

2. Take Customer Suggestions Seriously

Product review tracking means taking what your customer has to say seriously. When a customer takes time to leave you a review, it’s because they’ve been impacted in some tangible way.

Don’t take that for granted.

Even if their suggestion is a minor change for your product or service, it could easily be an idea that could transform the way you do business.

When doing product review tracking, pay close attention to what your customers have to say. You’ll find a wealth of unexpected knowledge.

3. Thank Customers for Positive Reviews

Never take positive reviews for granted. Earning loyal customers isn’t easy. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours making and marketing a product that you hope buyers will love.

When positive reviews come in, engage with these buyers just as you would with negative reviews. Make them feel valued and important.

It’ll keep them coming back while showing your customer appreciation to everyone who reads your reviews.

4. Be Honest With Yourself

If you’re getting consistency in your reviews, whether good or bad, accept them. Even embrace them. In general, customers want to help you make the customer experience better.

It can be difficult to accept a string of negative reviews on a product that you’ve spent so much time on, but it’s good practice, to be honest with yourself about potential mistakes you’ve … Read the rest

How To Look For The Right Loan Company That Will Fill All Your Needs

When you’re short on cash, there is no shortage of people out there wanting to loan you money. The thing too many people fail to take into account, however, is that lenders don’t loan you money out of the goodness of their heart. This is also not your mom or grandma “lending” you money knowing full well there’s a pretty good chance they will never be paid back.

Taking out a loan without taking a good, long look at the terms and conditions is like jumping out of a plane before checking your parachute. Loan terms can vary drastically, so you can potentially end up paying to twice the amount that you borrow if you aren’t careful. In addition, if you default on a loan, lenders can put a lien on your home, your car or anything else of value that you own.

From auto loans to home loans to small business loans, the internet has brought with it a flood of different ways to borrow money. Not all loans are equal, however, so it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to compare rates and terms before accepting any money. Here are some things to look for to make sure you don’t get taken to the bank when taking out a loan.

  • Interest rates

Interest rates on loans can vary drastically and, depending on the size of the loan, just a single percentage point can mean the difference of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. For instance, if you took out a $50,000 loan for 5 years at a six percent interest rate, you would end up paying just under $8,000 in interest for a total of $58,000. If you got that same loan at a seven percent interest rate, however, you would end up paying an extra $500 just in interest alone. If you took out the same loan at 12% interest, you would end up paying a full $8,000 more for borrowing the exact same amount of money.

  • Fees

Lenders can tack on all kinds of hidden fees and roll them into the total cost of the loan. You may borrow $10,000 and end up only getting $7,500 or borrowing $10,000 and end up owing $12,000 right out of the gate before any interest has even accrued. Some loans, such as home loans or small business loans, may have some legitimate fees associated with them, … Read the rest

If You Are Looking For A Credit Card Reader For Your Business Consider These Things

Regardless of your industry or niche, your customers expect you to accept their preferred method of payment. They also demand that the payment process is convenient, fast and secure. Decades ago, it was common to find businesses that only accepted cash or check as a method of payment. As the years progressed, consumers increasingly relied on credit and debit cards for payments. As a result, many businesses today do not even accept cash or checks. Credit and debit card payment processing has evolved dramatically in recent years, providing businesses like yours with several options to choose from. Choosing the best payment gateway for your business requires a closer review of the methods available as a first step.

The Traditional Point-of-Sale System

The traditional point-of-sale system is sluggish and dated, but it is still effective for some businesses. With this POS system, the consumer physically swipes his or her card through a special terminal. The card’s information is encrypted, sent to a specialized gateway and then dispatched to a merchant bank. Finally, the customer’s bank or financial institution reviews and accepts the transaction. The credit card typically must be presented by the consumer when using a traditional POS system, and the consumer must wait while the transaction is processed. Because of the many steps in the process, it may seem to take a lengthy period of time in some cases. Delays at each stage of the process can occur, and these impact the consumer’s experience as well as the experience of each consumer standing in line waiting for their turn to make their purchase.

A Virtual POS System

A modern and innovative payment processing system is a virtual point-of-sale system. This is an online process that eliminates the need for a special terminal. The merchant enters credit card or debit card details directly into the merchant account using an existing mobile device or computer. With this type of payment gateway, the account is validated and the transaction is processed in real-time. The credit or debit card information can be taken by the consumer through the physical card in person or even online or over the phone.

Factors to Consider

When selecting the best payment processor for your business and customers, consider the sales environment. Are your transactions completed in person or over the phone? Do you complete numerous online transactions? In addition, consider the need to purchase numerous specialized and expensive … Read the rest

How Can Using Private Equity Database Software Protect My Company

Private equity firms are no different from other businesses. Just like any company, they thrive when their processes can be streamlined and their production enhanced. That is exactly what private equity database software can do.


What exactly is a private equity firm? Unlike a publicly traded company, a private equity firm does not have shares available for purchase on the general stock exchange. Instead, it relies on relationships with wealthy individuals and institutions such as pension funds for its money. It then uses this revenue to acquire companies and turn a profit quickly, usually in four years or less.


The work of any private equity firm is sensitive and complex, involving delicate, time-sensitive relationships and many moving parts. Software that automates many of these processes and removes human error can take much of the stress and guesswork away and promote eventual success.


Imagine working at one of these high-powered outfits and failing to have a handle on the investors that are vital to your mission. Chances are, you won’t last long in your job. Getting on board with private equity database software can enable you to effortlessly keep track of all correspondence with key players without ever dropping the ball. In the blink of an eye, you can generate an ad hoc report that tracks investors’ level of engagement while simultaneously giving them a way to view performance data.


When you’re working for a private equity firm, it’s all about the deal, so why not maximize your chances of success with software that can help you through the research and due diligence processes. After the investment is in the bag, this database software can help you to monitor the entire portfolio along with private capital fund valuations and analysis whenever you need it.


Once your investors have joined you, it’s important to have access to ongoing financial reports. A good suite of private equity database software will contain comprehensive accounting functions that simplify and streamline these complex processes, automating them and distributing them to your customer relations management and reporting software.

The secret to succeeding as a private equity firm is that you and your staff must become the masters over a plethora of moving parts and crucial priorities. Your success will depend on your ability to … Read the rest

How Can Getting A Loan Help Me Invest In A Real Estate Deal

If you are thinking of investing in real estate, this might be the right place for you. Real estate can be a lucrative venture to amass wealth when done right. Before you venture into it, you will probably require financing to close the deal. This is where hard money loan gives you the ultimate answer. This type of loan comes with lots of benefits in achieving your investment dreams. 

How do they work?

Popularly known as bridge loans, this loan provides short-term financing solutions for any project. The goal of this loan is to develop a property that requires renovations before reselling it. They are provided by hard money lenders Los Angeles and not the typical financial institutions. 

Benefits of Money Loans

Can Borrow More

You have to pay a minimum of 5 % down payment for any traditional mortgage. Banks will require a 20% payment to qualify for better terms on the mortgage. Anything less will increase your regular mortgage payment. On the other hand, a hard money lender gives up to 100 % of the buying price. This means you will only pay interests until you clear the loan.

Establish Relationship

The same way you establish a good relationship with other loaning services, its possible to make a better one with hard money lenders Los Angeles. All you need is a good history indicating your devotion to paying loans on time. The lender is more than willing to work with you again since you prove to respect terms of the contract. 

Good When Starting 

These loans may not be ideal for everyone. However, they will create a difference when starting out. You can buy your dream home even with the little amount of money you have.

Faster Approvals

It will take a few days or hours to secure hard money loans. Provided you submitted the required details, you won’t wait for long to receive funds. Hard money lenders Los Angeles will consider if your property is highly valued. Financing will take a couple of hours or days, unlike traditional financing which takes even months. 

Flexible Payments

A private lender gives room for a personalized repayment plan. Depending on how you agree with the lender, you can find a mutual repayment plan for your needs

Fewer Requirements

With hard money lenders Los Angeles, there are no specific set of requirements to get a loan. They understand time is … Read the rest