Super Quick Expanding Universe

Yes, the big bang happened, now we know. And so is the universe expanding at a rate that grows quicker every passing millisecond. These are truths now rather than postulations. However, the exact speed of expansion or acceleration of the universe isn’t clear yet. For one, current studies have revealed speeds that make an astonishing discovery – the universe isn’t just expanding it is actually growing larger at a speed that is quicker than earlier believed.

Astronomers have deduced that the rate of expansion or Hubble constant is actually 44.7 miles per second per megaparsec. This particular number that astronomers have come to finalize on is near consistent with findings from another independent team that conducted a research previous year. However, both the findings are significantly higher than the rate proposed through independent tests conducted by the ESA in 2015, which was 41.6 miles per second per megaparsec.

This discrepancy is yet uncertain and scientists are baffled as to why the speed is growing so quickly. Further independent studies of the speed might reveal some clues in future. One thing though is confirmed in these studies that there was a big bang that started it all and that the farther apart galaxies move from each other the greater speed them build up.

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