Tim Peake To Return For Second Mission To Space

tim peake second stroll in spaceTim Peake just made an announcement that he will be returning to space on his second mission shortly. This news came out just recently during the revealing of the spacecraft that ferried a crew captained by Peake to the ISS at the London Science Museum.

The spacecraft is a Soyuz capsule that still bares the sign marks from the re-entry heat on its exteriors. His first mission was in December 2015 and he became the first ever British astronaut to go on behalf of the European Space Agency.

His mission lasted a total of 186 days and as a former British helicopter pilot he conducted nearly 250 scientific experiments while being the first Briton to walk in space. He even participated in the London Marathon using a treadmill and received a Brit award during the time.

His crew consisted of Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Malenchenko and NASA astronaut, Colonel Tim Kopra. They made the journey back to Earth aboard the Soyuz capsule TMA-19M, which is the spacecraft on display.

He loved his first space mission and longed to relive the memories, which kind of makes his second mission a fairy tale. One of his most cherished memories from the mission is the view of Earth that he bought back with him.

A father of two, Tim Peake will once more take to the skies going beyond the cover of Earth in pursuits of greater glory for mankind and Britain. He is looking forward to his next mission though he admits wanting to spend more time with his family while back on level ground. Other than his family, he does miss spending time playing karaoke and when asked in an interview what was the one thing he would take with him from earth if he were allowed to, his reply was “karaoke machines“.

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