Time to Monitor the Monitor

So, you have bought a nice desktop computer that doubles as your work PC. It has all the latest bells and whistles such as video cards, processors and so on and so forth. However, there is just one thing missing. And you soon realize you held on to your old monitor, convincing yourself that it is good enough. That may be, but if you want to experience the full capability of some of the new games that are out there, you need a good gaming monitor.

After all, all that amazing information the computer is sending to the monitor should be seen in its entirety. There are a plethora of gaming monitors available on the market today, so how to choose the right one? The following are two examples of monitors that are considered good, but not necessarily the best. As with a lot of purchases you make in life, it is about finding the right balance between cost and performance.

Asus Rising

If money is no object, then you might as well start from the top and see what’s out there. Once you have looked at the best gaming monitors, you can compare it with others. Asus is a PC manufacturer that has been doing very well lately, especially in the gaming world. They make a monitor named the ROG Swift PG279Q which is one of the best ones out there. The size of the monitor is 27 inches and has a 2560×1440 resolution.

However, what makes this monitor as good as a 4K model is its amazing refresh rate and picture quality. Diehard fans of 4K may not agree, but you need to remember that 4k monitors require very powerful graphics processing units, not to mention they are much costlier. So, going with 4K comes with a cost. What makes the Asus gaming monitor great is that it is a great balance between performance and cost. It has almost as good performance as a 4K without the cost and major performance upgrades.

AOC: The Compromise Solution

If you have a desktop that could be considered a little old, in other words, without the latest bells and whistles, then the AOC G2460PF is a good solution. This monitor could be considered mid-level. It’s considered to be one of the best monitors with a 1080p resolution. The refresh rate is a respectable 144Hz. The size is 24 in and comes with “Freesync” technology. Last but not least, it is relatively cheap and compatible with different types of video cards, which means all of you have to do is bolt it on and your good to go.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What needs to be taken away from all this is that there is no such a thing as the best gaming monitor out there. It comes down to what your PC is capable of. Therefore it is important to do your due diligence and figure out which monitor will fit your computer the best.

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